Khalil Fawaz Factory is a company specialized in Aluminum, Steel, Glazing and Roofing works. Our main goal is to offer our clients the best product, with the highest quality and the most accurate service.

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Companys” main line of business is an aluminium profile glazing construction manufacturing and assembly. „Aluminco” uses construction systems which takes recognized and valued place in Scandinavia and Europe. These aluminium systems have provided their worth in the harsh Scandinavian climate and the stringent certification regulation of Europe.

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Supply and installation of tempered glass, laminated glass, bullet proof glass, double glazing (regular or silicone sealed), curved glass, shower doors and screens, decorative glass, as well as other products related to the glazing industry.

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We constantly develop new and innovative solutions with aluminium profiles, relying on experience and partnerships with the customer. Our R&D departments, integrated testing facilities and vertical integration widely contribute to this goal and give us a definite edge over the competition.